Data as Human-Centred Design Material

Data and Design is an exciting and complex interface where designers can find new ways to inform, develop and assess their design.

We invite you to join this emerging community on Data as Human-Centred Design Material, a platform to exchange experience and insights on the use of behavioural data in a participatory design process.

Join us for our first hybrid conversation on May 31st, 2022. Online and in-person in Delft, South-Holland, NL.


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By Alejandra Gomez Ortega, Janne van Kollenburg, Jacky Bourgeois on May 3rd, 2022. Location: Online, via CHI'22 programme

Virtual gathering at CHI'22

We had an initial, virtual gathering of the community at CHI’22 in a SIG format. We focused on mapping who is the data+design community and what is the terminology We went through a series of interactive activies to find out who was attending, the qualitative and quantitative data in use and in which design process.

We collectivelly created the following Miro board. Feel free to have a look and add your contribution on the map.

Recording: Not Recorded

Yvette Shen

Conversation 1

By Yvette Shen on May 31st, 2022. Location: Online (MS Teams) and TU Delft (NL)

The Quantified and Qualified Self: Digitizing, visualizing, & introspection

This presentation discusses several university class-based design projects for helping learners better understand themselves and their surroundings while learning the fundamental knowledge and techniques of information design. The metacognitive learning approach illustrates the potential of using data-driven information design and information visualization as an empowerment tool to support the students’ well-being.

Recording: Will be recorded


With this community, we aim at the three following goals.

Identify Best Practices

How and where in the design process is data collected, applied and validated? What is a designerly take on collecting and using data through a process that is dynamic and iterative?

Co-Develop Appropriate Tools

How to foster collaboration between designers and data scientists to create accessible, designer-friendly tools that enable a creative and holistic engagement with data? What are the existing tools and methodologies that support designers in using data as creative design material?

Educate Stakeholders

How to establish a common ground on responsibly setting up and running designerly, data-intensive projects with regulatory bodies? How to reduce the frictions that emerge from an exploratory, rather than an evaluative, approach to data-intensive activities?

For more information, please read our initial SIG CHI publication by Alejandra Gomez Ortega, Janne van Kollenburg, Yvette Shen, Dave-Murray Rust, Dajana Nedić, Juan Jimenez Garcia, Wo Meijer, Pranshu Kumar Chaudhary and Jacky Bourgeois.

To inform conversations, we'd like to learn from your personal experience working at the intersection of data and design.

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