Helping designers to understand and leverage data

Designing with Confidence

Designers have access to an increasing variety of sensor data to inform and evaluate their design. However, they often lack the knowledge and expertise to leverage this data effectively and appropriately.

How can designers identify, recognise and avoid misinterpretation of data when informing their design?

In this project you will design and evaluate a Human-Data Interaction (HDI) for designers. Your prototype will be the vehicle to better understand what designers need in order to confidently use data throughout their design process. This project will take place in the context of designing for wheelchair users’ wellbeing. Internet-connected wheelchairs will provide data material for the study.

Project Aim

The aim of this graduation project is to prototype data interactions sup- porting designers in leveraging data with confidence.

This project touches upon a range of subjects:


Depending on your background and interest, this project can involve a deep dive in data visualisation or supportive data algorithms.