Designing ways to engage people into informed and purposeful data donation

Donation Experience

Designers increasingly use data from sensors to better understand their (potential) end-users. However, this data often reveal intimate behaviour about their data subjects, leading to regulations as well as solution for data control and privacy. Ubiquitous and versatile, mobile phones appear as a key enabler for mechanisms that inform and engage people in donating their data for purposes they care about.

What is the role of mobile phone in the data donation experience?

In this project you will design and evaluate mobile phone user experi- ences to inform and engage people in donating data for the design of products, services and systems (PSS).

Project Aim

The aim of this graduation project is to inform strategies for data-centric design supporting ethical use of data as well as fostering valuable knowl- edge for designers.

This project touches upon a range of subjects:


Depending on your background and interest, this project can involve a deep dive in user experience design or the development and deployment of an application prototype.


Jacky Bourgeois