Helping designers to use multiple data streams in the design of intelligent behaviours

Data Orchestrator

Data is an emerging design material, providing designers with a vast array of input to combine when designing intelligent products and services. However, the lack of data literacy and the complexity of setting up mean- ingful data exploration prevent de- signers to leverage this new resource.

How can designers orchestrate observational, subjective and sensor data to effectively and appropriately inform their design?

In this project you will design and evaluate a Human-Data Interaction (HDI) for designers. Your prototype will be the vehicle to better under- stand what designers need to make use of multiple stream of data while designing intelligent products and services. This project will take place in the context of supportive relaxation.

Project Aim

The aim of this graduation project is to inform the development of data-centric tools for the design of intelligent behaviours.

This project touches upon a range of subjects:


Depending on your background and interest, this project can involve a deep dive in data exploration, prototyping of connected services or the elaboration of new value propo- sitions.


Jacky Bourgeois