April 30, 2019

Some Integrated Development Environment (IDE)


The first tool we need is a code editor, commonly called IDE (integrated development editor). For this we will use Atom, as it is open source and popular for its modularity.

Download and start Atom here.

Atom has the typical features of an IDE, we will go through them during this workshop. The first of them is the terminal. A terminal is a text-based interface we use to enter and execute commands on a computer. While we will maximize the use of graphical tools, we will also use the terminal in some occasions.

On the top menu, go to Packages > Settings View > Install Packages/Themes

Search for ‘terminal plus’ and install the first one ‘platformio-ide-terminal’

Now you can open a terminal by clicking on the + sign in the bottom left corner.

Arduino IDE

Similar to Atom, the Arduino IDE is an editor with a convenient set of tools to program Arduino-like devices. You can download and install the latest version from here.

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