Available soon via the Bucket!

See the development of our DPi generator here

DPi is custom made Raspberry Pi system, ready for the designer to start prototyping a connected product. When creating a new Thing in your Data Bucket, select ‘DPi’ as type. It will prompt you for some additional information such as user credentials and network. After a few minutes, you will receive an email to download your DPi image, ready to go!

Getting started fast, remotely and with security

Raspberry Pi settings can be cumbersome when getting started. DPi enables SSH, disables auto-login and sets your own, secured network credentials so that you can directly access your pi remotely without a monitor/keyboard/mouse.

Sending data to the cloud, from the first minute!

DPi embed a private key which has a public key registered on Bucket, attached to your registered Thing. It means that DPi is automatically able to send and receive data from Bucket, out of the box! By default, it shares its CPU usage every minute (for demonstration purposes) and its IP address (convenient on some large network to locate your Raspberry Pi).

Eduroam ready

If you fill in your university credentials, it setups the connection to Eduroam so that you can get started on campus.

Hot Spot

Designing your connected product, you might want to rely on a WiFi network that you fully control. DPi comes with all the necessary libraries to quickly start your on WiFi network, directly on the Raspberry Pi. In this setting you will need an ethernet connection to access the Internet.